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Capturing your baby's features when they are brand new is so important, they change so quickly and it is easy to forget their tiny toes, flaky skin and cute little wrinkles. 

Ideally your newborn session should take place within the first 2-3 weeks, so that we still have a sleepy, curly baby. This will enable us to position them in so many of the well loved newborn poses comfortably and safely. 

I have a large selection of props that will you will have full access to during your session, it is lovely when families bring along a special teddy and blanket to include in some of the photos as well though!

Expect the session itself to last around 2 hours - although I always allow up to 3 hours -  this gives us plenty of time to feed and comfort baby as needed while allowing us to capture a range of images for you, as well as some family photos too if you wish.

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