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Family Photoshoot in Dunwich Forest

One of the greatest pleasures of my job is watching families grow over a period of time. And this family is one that I have seen on six different occasions now! Starting back when they first became a family of three and most recently for an updated family photoshoot of the four of them in Dunwich Forest.

While I have been here more times than I could ever count and have so many fond memories of exploring the forest as a child, and most recently with my own family, I have never actually done a photoshoot here and, well, I feel like I have been missing out! What an idyllic location for a session. It wasn't the warmest of days but there was still a lot of spring colour around and the trees gave us a good level of protection from the elements. So, we explored, we walked, the children collected pine cones and even brought their scooters along for some races! It's probably a good thing that it wasn't a warmer day because I might have taken quite a few more photos and given them an even harder job of narrowing down their favourites!

Here are just a select few of what we managed to get on the day:

I'm already itching to get back here for another shoot - I think it may end up being one of my new favourite spots. I'd love to hear about your favourite locations, not just for photoshoots, so please get in touch with your opinions.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully I will be blogging about Dunwich again soon, Amy x

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