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My First Newborn Shoot of 2021 - Finally!

2021 didn't exactly have the most ideal of starts but it certainly feels like I am making up for lost time at the minute. April saw so many wonderful photoshoots and being able to welcome families back into the studio again has been such a joy.

A lot of the newborns that were originally booked for the first quater of the year were passed that brand new sleepy newborn stage by the time they actually got in to the studio, although I certainly have a new-found love for photographing 2-4 month olds now! So baby Alfie was my very first official 'newborn' shoot of 2021 at just 9 days old. He did not let me down. I photographed his big brother way back when he was a newborn too so it was such an honour to be able to capture some more images for Alfie's family for yet another huge milestone for them all.

Here is a selection of some of my favourites from the shoot, all done in just over 2 hours, Alfie, you're a star.

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