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What to expect from your newborn gallery

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Let me start by saying this - no two newborn sessions are the same! I tailor each shoot to suit whoever I am photographing, especially with newborn babies.

It is a much more enjoyable experience for everyone when we can go with the flow and follow the baby's lead. If they are sound asleep we will try posing them on the beanbag, if they are happy to lay down while they are awake we will let them have a stretch and a look about while capturing all of their sweet expressions. If they are a little unsettled and struggling to drift off to sleep I like to swaddle them up to help them relax. The most important thing to me is to create beautiful images that will help you remember those first few weeks of being in that hazy newborn bubble, and I want those photos to sum up your baby as best they can.

So, to say that this is a "typical newborn session" would be wrong - as there is no such thing - but I thought it may be helpful if I were to post a full newborn gallery to give you an idea on what kind of variation you can expect when coming to me for a newborn shoot.

Enjoy x

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