Hiya! I'm Amy, and I hate having to write long, cheesy paragraphs of text just as much as you hate to read through them, so here are some quick facts about me:

2007 - The year I began working as a studio portrait photographer - let's not count back how many years ago that was now - I became self employed in 2012 and have never looked back!

Workaholic - One of the first words that I would use to describe myself. I love my job and you will never find me complaining about having lots of work on, I love to be busy in all areas of my life.

Music - I would genuinely rather listen to music or podcasts than watch tv, probably so I can multitask and be getting on with something else at the same time - did I mention I love to keep busy? Going to live gigs is one of my favourite things to do, although I will be doing that a lot less now that I have Mummy duties to fulfil!



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