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Where is your Studio?

My studio is located at my home in Kessingland and has been designed specifically with newborn photography sessions in mind.

How long does the shoot last?

Most sessions usually last around 1-2 hours however, I always allow up to 3 hours for newborn sessions. This way we have plenty of time to feed, change and comfort baby as needed. This ensures that we can capture them when they are totally at ease, without rushing the session and causing unnecessary stress.


When will my photos be ready?

Your online gallery will usually be available to view within 2 days of your session. 


Once you have chosen your photos it will take up to 2 weeks for your order to be fulfilled, sometimes it is possible to receive the order sooner than this but unfortunately it is not guaranteed. 


Do I need to bring anything?

I have got lots of props, outfits and backdrops for you to choose from for every session type, so you do not need to bring anything in particular with you. Of course bring along the usual supplies of milk, nappies, etc for your baby, and treats for your toddlers too if you think they may need a little persuasion!


If your baby has any special toys or teddies that you would like to include in the photographs, please feel free to bring these along with you, as well as a change of outfit too if you wish.

I have written a blog post specifically about what to bring to a newborn session, you can find that here


What do I wear?

For maternity sessions, simple clothes look great, so that we can focus on your beautiful bump.  If you are hoping to get some underwear/implied nude shots then please wear your bra a little looser than normal, to avoid having visible strap lines. I also have a  couple of maternity outfits at the studio that you are welcome to use if you wish

If you are booking in for a location session, the most important thing about the clothes that you wear is that you feel comfortable, so dress for the time of year! Also try not to wear colours that clash too much, simple clothes (e.g. not a lot of patterns/logos) that are similar tones look best. Don't feel like you all need to match exactly, just try to avoid having one person in a really bright colour with everyone else in more muted shades. 

My style of photography is very casual, so don't feel that you need to dress up too much, unless you want to of course!

Can I include older children in the studio sessions?

YES! It's lovely to include big brothers and sisters in baby sessions, even if it is just for one photo. We can capture some images including Mummy and Daddy too if you like.  All studio sessions have the option to include the rest of the family, but the bulk of the session will involve the baby on their own. If  you wish to have a session just for family photos please get in touch to discuss your options for this.

How do I book?

Get in touch either through the website contact form, by messaging me on social media or giving me a call/text. We will start off by checking availability in my calendar then if I am able to fit you in I will send a booking form to you via email to get your slot in the diary confirmed.

With newborn sessions we don't agree an appointment date/time until your baby is actually born - as we don't know when exactly they are going to arrive - but it is still important to get in touch to reserve a booking slot before your baby arrives as I often do get booked up several months in advance. I will just need to know your due date so that I can know when roughly to expect you and make sure I have space for you in the diary for when you are ready to book in.

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