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I have been a full-time professional photographer since I was 19. I started my career in a busy high-street photography studio, in 2007, and went from there to work with a higher end studio and wedding photographer before finally starting my own business in 2012. I had a studio in a commercial premises before moving it to my home when I was pregnant in 2019, and since then I been navigating the minefield that is running a business whilst being a busy mum, all with a global pandemic thrown in the mix. So, it's safe to say that I have been around the block a bit!


After a few years of being approached and asked about teaching and mentoring, I have finally decided to follow the urge that I have to share my knowledge with other people, whether it's other photographers hoping to take their business to the next level or simply parents who want to know how to take better photos of their children at home. I am willing and able to advise on a vast range of subjects, which is why I am now offering bespoke one-to-one mentoring sessions. I currently have two options available:



Please get in touch for more information about this or to arrange an initial phone call to discuss your questions and options.

1 Hour Zoom Chat - £50

With this online session we will agree in advance which subject(s) you would like to cover, whether it's the settings on your camera and how best to use them, tips for photographing babies and children or even some basic editing advice. I will invite you to send over some questions beforehand so that I can structure our whole conversation around the subjects that will best suit your needs.

3 Hour In-Person Mentoring Session - £150

This will take place at my Lowestoft-based home studio, which would allow us to cover more of the practical aspects of shooting if you wish. As with the Zoom chat we will have a conversation in advance to agree on which subjects you would like to focus on when we meet up, but this package is more suited to cover the whole photographic experience. So, we can chat about camera settings as well as posing, lighting and editing the photos. I can arrange a model shoot too for an extra fee if desired.

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