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What should you bring to a Newborn Photoshoot?

This may just be one of my most-asked questions - and rightly so! Of course you want to be prepared for your newborn photography session as much as you can be! Here is a short list of some of the things that will help your photoshoot be a success.

A Special Teddy or Sentimental Prop.

It's always so nice to photograph babies with their own teddy, a handmade blanket or even something as special as the veil from your wedding day! I have seen some wonderful personal props over the years and it is the things that make the photos so unique to you that allow us to tell your story in the best possible way. It's wonderful when clients come back with the same prop 6/12 months later as well, so that we can really appreciate just how much their baby has grown since those early newborn days.

Changing bag and extra milk.

If you are bottle feeding your baby then make sure you bring extra milk with you, more than you think you will need, sometimes babies will want more milk than usual to keep them settled as we work through your session, it can be hungry work having your photo taken! If you're breastfeeding then great; this is one less thing that you need to worry about packing!

A plain white vest or sleepsuit.

If you are aiming for the naked and swaddled photos then this will absolutely be our priority throughout the session, but it is always worth packing a plain vest or sleepsuit for a few natural photos too. Sometimes if baby is slightly unsettled or just having a bit of awake time it is nice to just lay them down and let them have a stretch about, it's much easier for me to photograph them while they are dressed so that I don't have to worry about posing them or shooting from modest angles, Simple clothes are best so that they don't distract too much from your baby, and if they end up settling down it will be easy enough to undress them again if desired. Besides, is there anything more pure than a newborn baby dressed in white?

A Dummy.

You might think your baby won't be interested in a dummy yet, or perhaps you aren't planning on using one at all, but this can often be the difference between getting a certain photo or not. Having a dummy at the ready to keep baby soothed mid-session can make the whole photoshoot run a lot smoother, and faster, so please consider bringing one along. And don't worry, using a dummy on this one occasion won't get your baby into the habit of wanting one all of the time if that's something you're trying to avoid.

Snacks and entertainment for siblings - and yourselves!

Newborn sessions usually last around 2 hours, which is an absolute eternity for a toddler! I normally start the shoot with family and sibling photos, especially when younger children are involved, so that we can get the best out of them when they first arrive and before the boredom sets in. It's always a good idea to bring some snacks, toys, books or a trusty iPad to keep everyone entertained while we photograph your baby on their own. There is also a small park not far from the studio so there is always the option for someone (Dad) to take the kids there after their photos have been taken.

Here are just a few photos that show how simple clothes and personal props can work in newborn sessions. I hope this post has helped you prepare for your photoshoot and given you more of an idea of what to expect.

If you have a photoshoot coming up with me soon, I can't wait to welcome you into the studio. If you have any other questions I would love to answer them for you, so please get in touch to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

Amy x

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