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5 Ideas for a 1st Birthday Photoshoot that aren't a cake smash.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

While 1st birthday cake smashes are still proving to be popular here at Amy Louise Photography, I am seeing a growing number of people who are looking for a different way to mark their little one's momentous birthday. So, I thought it may be helpful to show a few ideas that don't involve letting them loose on their own smashable cake!

1. Birthday Balloons

What says 'birthday' more than balloons? Whether we keep it simple with one or two larger balloons or design your very own balloon garland. They are such a simple way to get in the birthday mood and with so many design and colour options we can easily create a theme to match your home's colour pallette, or to compliment a specific theme that you have chosen for their birthday party or nursery.

2. Fruit Bath

The perfect combo of food and bath time, two things that most 1 year olds love! A fun way of capturing your baby's personality by letting them splash about and try some food without creating too much mess. Go for foods that are familiar and favoured such as strawberries or go for lemon and orange slices to try and get some cute reactions when they try a sour piece!

3. Get the Family Involved

Who says birthday photoshoots need to be limited to just the birthday boy/girl? Your baby's first birthday is the perfect excuse to get in front of the camera to capture some memories that you will all be able to enjoy for years to come. You know they will love to look back and see what their parents looked like at key moments in their life. It's also a good reminder to have family photos taken regularly, make it an annual thing to see how you have all changed over 12 months, not just your little one!

4. Milk Bath

Somewhat similar to a fruit bath but these sessions tend to have a slightly different vibe, more about details and tranquility than fun in the tub - although not always the case if you get a baby that just loves to splash - these sessions look lovely with fresh flowers dropped in the tub too. Make sure you use seasonal flowers to reflect the time of year that your baby was born, or just a favourite bloom of your own or something that holds special meaning.

5. Donut smash

If your baby is a real foodie but you aren't keen on the mess from a sticky cake smash then donuts could be the answer. These colourful delights look great in pictures and allow your baby to have a sweet birthday treat without getting buttercream icing all over the place!

I hope these suggestions can help inspire you to get creative when it comes to planning a photoshoot for your baby's birthday. If you have any other ideas for themes for a 1st birthday shoot I'd love to read them in the comments below.

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