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Sink Bath Shoot

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

I have been thinking about photographing my own baby in our kitchen sink ever since we moved into our house - 6 months before Errol was even born! So when we finally got the opportunity to sit him in there and capture a few precious images I was over the moon to say the least.

Thankfully Errol has always loved a bath. From his very first one at just over a week old he has had so much fun splashing around in water, so I had high hopes for these photos. Our little water baby didn't disappoint! He spent a lot of the time trying to eat the bubbles while also being fascinated by the running tap, the poor rubber duck didn't get much of a look in though.

We are still trying to decide on our final favourites and which ones should be displayed on the wall, but I will be sure to share once we have them up in pride of place. I would love to know which photos are your favourites too.

I am also offering these sessions to any babies that are able to sit unaided but are not yet walking, so if you would like to book your own sink bath session be sure to get in touch.

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