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May 2018 ~ Month Review

It already seems like so long ago, but May saw the start of my crazy editing marathon as I photographed my first 2 weddings of the year - they will get their own blog posts, eventually! I choose not to photograph many weddings because of the amount of time they take up in my diary, but I enjoy it immensely when I do get the chance to do them!

On top of that but I photographed 3 newborn sessions, 2 cake smashes, a maternity shoot, 4 family sessions, 7 sitter sessions and a 1st birthday themed shoot. Plus 2 location sessions! I am really enjoying taking the cameras out of the studio at the minute, location shoots are becoming more popular and I love being able to freshen up my style and get creative in different settings. The beautiful weather that we enjoyed in May certainly helped too.

I also introduced my 'Fruit Bath Mini Sessions' - I had thought about offering something like this for a while so when I got hold of a new bathtub from The Original Photoblocks I saw the perfect opportunity to try it. I am so pleased with how they look and am hoping to do some more throughout the summer.

I have chosen a small selection of my favourite photos from the month of May below, hopefully I will be back to post some more of these soon!

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